Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Employment Contracts

Individual Providers. Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC handles all aspects of employment contract negotiations (including letters of intent) while advising providers on how to navigate the contract negotiation process.  These contracts are sophisticated legal documents with serious implications necessitating a full understanding of their terms. We also analyze proposed compensation using benchmark data to advise clients and help inform the negotiation process. 

We advise individual providers in navigating termination of their employment contracts and work with them to develop an exit strategy in light of non-compete restrictions, repayment obligations and any anticipated new employment contract.  

Group Practices. We advise group practices in employing/engaging providers and assist them in developing and negotiating the most appropriate contract for a given situation. This may include providing guidance and advice on base salary and bonus compensation methodology (in light of benchmark data), extent of services and call obligations, term and termination provisions; malpractice tail coverage obligations; non-compete and other restrictive covenants, etc.      

Residents and Fellows:  We offer courtesy rates.  

Payor and ACO/Network Contracts

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC handles all manner of contracts involving third party payors, accountable care organizations and network agreements.  These types of agreements can have long term impact on the financial health of a practice and impact providers’ ability to negotiate rates along with other broad implications.      

Reimbursement, Audits and Overpayments

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC helps providers address a wide variety of reimbursement issues including those involving third party payor audits, overpayment requests and settlements.  If appropriate, a billing consultant may be engaged under the auspices of attorney-client privilege to review audit results and help inform the appeal and/or negotiation process.   

Practice Sales and Purchases

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC provides advise and guidance to providers looking to sell their practice/business and/or acquire another practice/business. We draft and negotiate practice acquisition documents; assist with due diligence (including review of billing department/functions); prepare related documents including assignments and resolutions; assess and analyze regulatory and reimbursement implications, etc.    

Hospital Agreements

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC handles all aspects of hospital agreements for individual providers and group practices.  The following is a sample listing of such agreements:

  • Exclusive service agreements for hospital based providers;
  • Specific/unique service agreements;
  • Medical Director Agreements;
  • Call Coverage Agreements; and 
  • Recruitment Agreements. 

Each type of agreement presents unique challenges and requires expertise to protect providers and negotiate terms in light of regulatory and reimbursement requirements.

Compliance Initiatives

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC works with group practices and their officers, compliance officers, committees and governing boards.  We provide advice and guidance in structuring compliance initiatives including compliance plans and related policies, internal and external audits, ongoing audit processes, provider education and repayments.    

Regulatory Analyses (Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws)

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC provides advice and guidance on regulatory frameworks and related laws such as federal Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws, and related state laws, to assist providers in structuring compliant arrangements. 

Clinical Research Agreements

Law Offices of Karen E. Davidson, LLC provides advice and guidance to providers participating in clinical research.  Clinical research agreements can have significant liability for providers.  We have negotiated a wide range of research agreements on behalf of providers with Fortune 500 companies to limit provider liability and address scope of services, reimbursement and other terms.